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Pit Lid – Made of Aluminium – Price Basis

Dear Customers and Partners!

We are currently in an unpredictable market. We are therefore forced to link prices for our aluminum products with the world trade price for raw aluminum.

Our offered price basis: Raw material prices international stock exchange: Aluminum / per ton as of May 19, 2020 – € 1,357.7200

We reserve the right to adjust prices in the event ased of stock market fluctuations of more than + -10%.

Thank you for your understanding and please don’t hesiate to contact us anytime.

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Aviation Ground Fueling Solution – AMEC-EUROPE Hydrant Pit Box & Lid


AMEC-EUROPE Pit Box & Lid family are an environmentally friendly 18 and 20” hydrant pit box suitable for the API/EI 1584 hydrant pit valves. They are designed to ensure no leakage of fuel in the environment, whilst allowing horizontal and vertically movement.

Based on our long global experience in the aviation ground fueling industry we develop creative, comprehensive, sustainable engineering solutions for a future where customers can thrive.

As Warner Lewis (Parker Velcon) 2018 left the market we took the decision to optimized and retro fit Warner Lewis Hydrant Pit Box & Lid. Equipped with an intimate understanding of local intricacies, world-class talent, proactive leadership, we designed in close cooperation with our customers modular, flexible state to the art ground fueling equipment.

Our Advanced Model Hydrant Pit Box & Lid meet the API/EI1540 with EN124 1&3:2015 Load Class F900.

We are following the steps of the longstanding trusted brand of Warner Lewis (Parker Velcon) aviation ground fueling business.

Our advance 18” Pit Lids are retrofitting the existing Warner Lewis Hydrant Pit Box & Lid and be global successfully implemented.

Former Warner Lewis (Parker Velcon) customers are receiving spare parts and service for Warner Lewis Pit Boxes & Lids from us.

With the new generation of our modular, interchangeable 20” Pit Lids we are starting in the new century of customer focused solution. The individual adaptations rings give the flexibility to retrofit existing pit box from other brands. Non lay flat pit lids can be replaced without complex civil work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Delivery Delays – Aviation Ground Fueling Solutions

We trust you are safe and doing well.

The pandemic COVID-19 slow down the international trading. Raw materials are be deliver with delays and higher prices. 

We would like to informing you, that it can be happen, that our manufacturing and delivery get delayed. We are doing our best to deliver all on time. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask us directly if your orders are involved.

Thank you for your understanding.